Special projects supporting the Aerospace industry (Hydraulics)

Aerospace has a broad range of systems requiring hydraulic power. Precision and reliability are especially important in aerospace applications in contrast to other industries as failure above ground can often have more serious consequences.

  • Long stroke cylinders/control system to position the launch vehicle at the Orbital Science launch facility in Wallops Island, Virgina. These cylinders control the launch tower of the Antares launch vehicle, part of a NASA project.

We have provided support to the aerospace industry in a number of ways. Most notably, our cylinders are trusted to lift the loaded launch tower for the Antares rocket program. Despite the close proximity to the October 2014 launch failure, our cylinders remarkably escaped the incident without any damage. Rocket payload size has been increased for future launches and we have subsequently been trusted with supplying a second more powerful set of cylinders to lift the tower for the remainder of the program.