Tensioner System for ultra-deep water

1/5 scale model

Development of a 1/5 scale prototype of a Tensioner System for operation in deep and ultra-deep water, designed / developed / load tested at our facility in 2014. The next phase of the project is the development and testing of a full size prototype.

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Ready for heat treatment

Inspection went perfect

This load of rough machined steel forgings have been inspected and are ready to be sent for heat treatment. Once heat treatment is complete and the pieces are received back / inspected again, the final machining process will take place.

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Hydraulic cylinders for an A-Frame

Supporting marine contractors worldwide

Hydraulic cylinders utilized to operate an A-Frame system on a research vessel utilized on the West Coast of Canada.

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Machining of large equipment

Crane Pedestal assembly

In 2014 we worked in the machining of a 25 ton, 40’ long crane pedestal assembly, utilized for an offshore type platform crane. Here the project is shown in the final stage of the machining process.

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