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Dam Gates and Locks Cylinders

Case Study: Olmsted Locks and Dam, USACE / Integrated System and Machinery


This case is an example of a project where we Partnered with our U.S. affiliate, Integrated Systems and Machinery LLC, to design and manufacture replacement cylinders to meet the rigid USACE specifications, while ultimately providing a vastly improved solution to the original cylinder RFQ requirements.


The USACE were looking for marine / subsea hydraulic cylinders that would provide superior service life, reduced maintenance, highly accurate positioning and increased margins of safety when compared to units currently utilized in the field in similar projects.


The Maritime / Insysma Team suggested and ultimately implemented:

1. A highly corrosion resistant alloy rod base material with a durable anti-wear plating system.

2. Superior 3 part subsea paint system to meet NACE requirements.

3. A long life, low friction fully redundant seal system.

4. Wide spread composite type rod/piston bearing materials for high side load horizontal applications.

5. Optimum position accuracy by utilizing magnetostrictive linear position sensors.

6. Designed to meet the most stringent industry codes to ensure operator safety.


The maintenance requirements and service life of the Dam lock and Gate Control System will be vastly improved, reducing downtime, operational costs, and the requirement for additional spares.

Real time positioning and control is enhanced while maintaining high safety standards.

With these and other features, The Maritime / Insysma Team was able to guarantee high performance and extended service life in the extremes of an abrasive underwater environment.