Thoughtful Design


Solid Experience in Mechanical Engineering

Maritime Hydraulic's Experienced Engineering Team is here to develop components and turn key solutions for unique and challenging projects. We work diligently to ensure that our manufacturing services meet the stringent specifications and quality requirements of our customers, listen carefully to our clients, and design a collaborative solution to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Our engineering department uses up to date design and document management software for designing equipment and managing the manufacturing processes, including:

  1. Autodesk AutoCAD - 2D modelling software
  2. Autodesk Inventor Premium - 3D modeling FEA software
  3. DOS Solidworks - 3D Modeling FEA software
  4. Autodesk Vault Professional - Document management and control system
  5. ERP - Custom workflow & manufacturing management software

Maritime Hydraulic and MHD Offshore engineering's strength is based on advanced mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design, and analysis capabilities.

We have the necessary resources to simulate advanced operational scenarios:

  1. Advanced Modeling solutions allow us the to create and test complex simulations of potential systems.
  2. Development of work scope (scope of supply), functional design specifications, design basis documents, test procedures, data sheet, storage, maintenance and commissioning procedures.
  3. Analysis carried out for components / structures that are beyond the normal scope of hand calculations using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method. Various analysis performed include stress, strain, deformation, fatigue and computational fluid dynamics.
  4. MathCAD and Mathematica for confirming and presenting design calculations (eliminating any human error).
  5. Applying international standards, including: 5.1 API, 5.2 ASME, 5.3. ASTM, 5.4 ANSI, 5.5. DNV, 5.6 ABS, 5.7. IEC, 5.8 NEMA.
  6. Scale Rapid Prototyping. We understand the importance of being able to convert engineering design into scale prototypes. We have an in-house mechatronics lab, precision machine tools, and 3D Printing capabilites to produce scale prototype units.

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