Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units are a critical component for powering hydraulic systems, providing pressure, flow, and fluid conditioning. Typically consisting of a prime mover, a reservoir, valving, fluid conditioning, and a hydraulic pump, these units can generate a tremendous amount of fluid power to drive most any kind of hydraulic actuator/motor. Hydraulic Power Unit operating principles are based on Pascal's law of physics, developing their power from ratios of area and pressure.

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With the shear number of hydraulic systems Maritime Hydraulics has supplied over 4 decades, it is a sure bet that we can design and manufacture a unit perfect for your application with all the right components and functions specified.

We are able to orient power units to fit in confined spaces and keep clear of any nearby machinery. HPUs are available for operation in hazardous environments, fully submerged locations and even arctic conditions. Many custom features are available including PLC based control packages, full enclosures, and certification to various industry standards.