Motion Compensation Systems

Introduction to Heave Compensation

Manufacturing in compliance with all major standards

Weather dependency is a fact that cannot be ignored in marine operations. Large investments, expensive equipment and costly operations are common features of all offshore activities.

Operating in adverse weather conditions can be very challenging and often has serious financial impact on projects. Our technical solutions increase operational safety and reduce weather dependency and downtime caused by any adverse weather conditions.

Less weather downtime will result in much lower installation costs, better and more accurate planning, along with improved logistics within operations. Even when conditions would warrant work continue without any heave compensation device, any inherent risks to moving heavy equipment will be notably reduced with the use of such a device. Safer operations also provide a better opportunity for accurate risk assessment.

Operational Costs by Vessel Type

Vessel Type Typical Daily Rate (USD) Typical Hourly Rate (USD) Savings using Sea SpringĀ®
Production Platform 1,500,000 62,500
Drill Ship 400,000 17,000
Supply / Support Vessel 35,000 2,000

Reduction of dynamic forces also results in reduced wear and tear on the associated equipment, less maintenance, and lowers the risk of operation and equipment failure. Our technology allows the project to safely utilize an existing crane with an enhanced Safe Working Load (Sea Spring added) therefore yielding overall improvement in day rates.