Motion Compensation Systems

Introduction to LMS

Increase operational weather window

Maritime Hydraulic and MHD Offshore created the Sea Spring® Load Management System™, SSLMS. The system has been designed to protect both the offshore crane and expensive offshore equipment from excessive shock loads and other dynamic forces.

Utilization of the Sea Spring Load Management System™ will provide an increased operational weather window and reduce waiting time for offshore lifting operations therefore better utilization of valuable assets. Sea Spring Heave Motion Compensators are designed for5,000 feet Deep Subsea applications.

The SSLMS is a proprietary system that is DNV approved & consists of following equipment:

  1. In-Line Passive Heave Compensator
  2. Transportation & Docking station
  3. Inertial Measurement Unit
  4. Note-Book Computer W/ Load Analysis Software
  5. N2 Gas Charge Assembly
  6. Interface Hose Kit
  7. Consumables Kit
  8. Tools Kit

Sea Spring Systems are available for both rental and sale.