Solutions for Oil and Gas, upstream

Mast and Floor Raising Cylinders

Reliable, Low-Maintenance, Durable

Portable land based drill rigs often utilize hydraulic cylinders to raise/set/lock the drill floor and mast in the operating position. Hydraulic cylinders allow rapid rig deployment while providing finite control and a safe operating environment.

  • Telescopic cylinder Multi stage, large bore, double acting telescopic cylinders utilized to raise the mast and sub structure base on land based portable drilling rigs for MH Pyramid.

Our latest generation of Mast and Floor Raising Cylinders are based on decades of experience in the field, resulting in long service life, and low maintenance cylinder packages. Utilizing high strength pressure vessel grade materials allows us to minimize weight; making installation easier. All our cylinder packages can meet API, ABS, ASME, and various other regulatory approvals.