Motion Compensation Systems

Solutions for Oil and Gas, upstream

Drilling & Production Riser Tensioners, Crown Mounted compensators, and more

We specialize in the supply of full range Motion Compensation Systems for the Oil and Gas industry, including riser tensioners and heave compensation systems.

We also supply specialized hydraulic systems and individual supporting components to the industry. The refurbishment, repair and/or re-design of older equipment is also a service we frequently supply to our clients.

  • Cassette Style PRT designed and manufactured for the Total's Moho Nord project in West Africa.

  • Drill string motion compensation cylinder for a TransOcean drill ship, utilized worldwide for sea bed core sampling.

We offer riser tensioning systems for TLPs, SPARS and SEMI-SUBMERSIBLES operating in deep and ultra-deepwaters, based in our Sea Tensioner® technology. The Sea Tensioner® is offered in two complete packages:

We also design and manufacture a full set of Crown Mounted Compensators for different applications in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

Maritime Hydraulic is a provider of custom-made hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic Power Units and equipment for the Onshore Oil and Gas industry. Some specific examples are followed:

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