We handle refurbishment with the same attention to detail as we do with new equipment.

Our refurbishment services for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units include:

  • Replacement of seals
  • Recoating of arms
  • Hone Bore to restore original finish
  • New seals for cylinder / air over oil accumulators
  • Apply corrosion resistance metal plating / laser cladding to relevant parts and components
  • Replacing all fasteners with new specialty fasteners
  • Surface treatment / coating for relevant parts and components
  • Replace / upgrade all tubing and piping

Retaining a quote is the first and mandatory step to begin a refurbishment project. Depending on the work quoted and the condition of the component once dis-assembled, additional work may be required. Maritime Hydraulic always contacts clients for approval before doing any work that will add cost to their quoted price. We also will repair and retrofit components from other manufacturers.

We have a special program in place for retrofitting Shaffer 80 k Drilling Tensioners and Shaffer 16 k Pod Line Tensioners for the oil and gas industry.