Motion Compensation Systems

Sea Spring® LMS 300 MT

Increase operational weather window

The system consists of the following major equipment:

1. Sea Spring 300 MT In-Line Passive Heave Compensator (Patent Pending in Malasya and USA): The unit is a rugged self-contained hydro-pneumatic system. Sea Spring is utilized as a shock absorber / heave compensator for a variety of applications using an “In-Line” mounting configuration on an Offshore Crane. When preparing the Sea Spring for different applications the two main parameters i.e. Pre-Tension Pressure and Hydraulic Oil Volume are adjusted to define the load size and stroke point based on pre-tension pressure.

Design Approval / Certification: DNV 2.22, Appendix F, CG3

2. Transport & Docking Station (TDS) F / Sea Spring 300 MT Compensator (Patent Pending in Malasya and USA): The TDS combines and integrates all of the functional requirements to transport, test, operate and safely store In-Line Passive Heave Compensator into a single machine. Additionally, the compensator can be tuned and re-tuned for different offshore payloads and lifts by simply docking the unit to make adjustments in pre-tension pressure and hydraulic fluid volume.

Design Approval / Certification: DNV 2.7-3 (Portable Offshore Unit)

3. Inertial measurement unit: MHD 108 Inertial Measurement Unit allows precise Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Surge and Sway information about the vessel where the offshore crane is placed. This reading is utilized by the suite of MHD Load Analysis Software to compute various vital parameters to aid proper offshore lifting operation.

4. Notebook Computer (Optional)

5. Dynamic Load Monitoring System (Optional)

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