Production Riser Tensioner

Production Riser Tensioner, Tendome Style

Direct Acting Tensioner

The Tendome Style PRT Direct Acting Tensioner is installed on the rig to maintain a pre-selected vertical tension in the riser when the rig is heaving and rolling due to waves, currents, and wind. This style of PRT consists of direct acting tension cylinders, pulling on the riser. It is supported from the structure underneath the drill floor and connected to the telescopic joint load ring to generates a nearly constant pull on the riser.

The riser tensioning cylinders are located in the moonpool area, while the rest of the equipment is placed on deck. The main component is the cylinder that generates a pulling force on the riser. The Ten-Dome Style PRT is organized in 10 … .Each cylinder has a positioning system to determine position, speed and direction of the rod movement.

  • Ten-Dome Style PRT, basic design

  • Ten-Dome Style Riser Tensioning designed and manufactured for the Shell Olympus platform. Full scale mock-up of the Shell Olympus well bay area.